Michigan According to my Phone

In an effort to finish documenting our summer adventures, this week I’ll be traveling back in time to the sandy shores of Michigan, my home sweet home. We look forward to this trip all year. The people and surroundings in Michigan are obviously near and dear to my heart, but I love that it is becoming “home” for our children too.

So many of our memories are captured via phone these days and I want our records to be all together under one roof, even if it means sharing phone quality photos.

Yes, I was crazy enough to fly with three kids under five across the country.

Sadly, Troy could not join us this time around. But the boys did great on all of the flights and it was well worth the two weeks that followed. We flew into Chicago this year and drove the rest of the way, luggage trailer in tow.

No stop in Chicago would be complete without a quick detour for Garrett popcorn.

And then it was off to the beach, day after day after day.

We fit in some of our favorite Michigan food stops like Fricano’s thin crust pizza and Steak ‘n Shake.

Blake eyed a Corvette convertible every time we walked along the boardwalk. He made me take a picture of him in front of it to send to Troy. He wanted to make sure his dad knew that he really wanted that car. Ha! We’re in trouble.

Stay tuned for the complete run-down in higher quality.

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