Crew | Six Months

October 19, 2013 in Crew - 1 Comment

Crew came into our crazy, hectic world six months ago and has brought us nothing but joy.

Half a year has come and gone with such quickness that it’s hard to believe.

But how I’ve loved starting and ending each and every day with my baby boy. There are few sweeter things in life.

I have a funny sidenote about this picture because it was a complete afterthought. Life was crazy after returning home from vacation and I was already a few days past Crew’s six month mark. But, I try to capture some photos of my babies each month since they grow so quickly. Snapping some shots of him literally became an item on my to do list.

Crew woke up from his nap (the day of his six month shots, no less) and I was eager to get the photo crossed off my list before any more time passed. I ran downstairs and dug up the teacup prop that I used when Nash was a baby.

We hustled outside but the sun was quickly setting behind the mountain. In fact, there was no light at all on our yard anymore. But our next door neighbor still had a ray of light left on their front grass. They keep to themselves so we don’t know them at all, but I figured they wouldn’t mind if we stepped on their grass for a few moments.

I set Crew all up, and, of course, the minute I was ready to shoot, a car pulled in the driveway. And there was my gigantic teacup with a baby inside sitting in their front yard. Two men got out of the car and I politely asked if I could use their grass for a photo. I signaled to where the light was falling. They chuckled and shrugged and looked at me like I was slightly crazy but said they didn’t mind.

By the time they went inside and I got over feeling completely embarrassed, I had enough time for two shots before I lost my light completely. Thankfully, I got one money shot with exceptional light. And in this case, one shot was all I needed.

1 Comment

  • Julie October 19, 2013 at 1:03 am

    He is SO cute–little Blake clone.

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