Labor Day Weekend

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I have one last summer event to document before I jump back to real time.

We capped off our summer adventures over Labor Day weekend. It was, in a word, sublime.

My birthday always falls around Labor Day and I had really low expectations after last year. But Troy went above and beyond to make me feel loved and have a memorable birthday weekend.

It started with a surprise evening trip to Park City with friends. Troy actually ended up telling me about it earlier in the week because the planner in me was trying to make too many plans. But surprise or no surprise, good friends, good food, and a trip to the Java Cow for ice cream always results in a night well spent.

The next day, we packed up for a mountain adventure.

Dark skies loomed but we decided to go for it regardless.

Our first stop was a picnic in the woods.

Bella has proclaimed Nash to be her boyfriend. She tells everyone she sees that she has a boyfriend named Nashy. I don’t think Nash minds one bit.

It was so refreshing to be tucked away from civility enjoying the fresh mountain air. No distractions, no technology, just an entire afternoon spent appreciating nature.

After exploring the river and woods on our first stop, we made our way to the waterfalls.

We hiked around for a few hours taking in the beauty of it all.

There were logs to cross.

And rocks to throw.

The rain did not hold out on us but it didn’t really matter. None of us minded getting drizzled on while simultaneously feeling the mist of the falls.

Nash and Bella set off to find fairies.

I think they were successful.

Part two of our Labor Day weekend festivities tomorrow.

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