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November 12, 2013 in Motherhood, Pregnancy, Quotes - 1 Comment


A question I often get asked now that I have three children is, “How is it having three?”
I always respond that the transition from two to three has by far been the easiest.
Maybe it’s because Crew is the most low-maintenance baby on the planet. Or maybe I’m more relaxed as a parent. Or just accustomed to the chaos.
But mostly, it’s because once Crew was born, I finally felt human again.
I remember vividly a fall day just over a year ago. I had mustered up the energy to meet up with friends at a park. One of my friends, who is the sweetest person in the world, was ranting about how difficult it was to cram in dinner and homework and extracurricular activities with her four children each night.
I remember thinking in that moment that I would give anything, anything to trade places with her. Because even though her life was admittedly crazy, she felt good. She could actually make dinner for her family and drive them where they needed to be without keeling over.
That took place, of course, when I was pregnant and basically bedridden and wondering how I was going to survive each day. I made a mental note that even when the inevitable craziness started swirling around in my life, I would not take for granted the ability to feel well and focus on things other than survival.
Now, whenever I start to feel overwhelmed with commuting to and from school, filling bellies, helping with homework, folding mounds of laundry, nursing a baby all day long, cranking out design work, and manning three active boys all by myself on the church bench every Sunday, I remember how I felt last year at this time and remind myself that nothing, nothing could be worse.
Many events this fall triggered flashbacks to being pregnant again. I have some serious aversions associated with many autumn activities. The start of school and the events associated with that literally made feel nauseous at times. I can’t ever look at a rake again and even going to the pumpkin patch was a stretch.
Coming from where I was a year ago, I have a whole new perspective on having three children. In fact, it’s a breeze in comparison.
I’m feeling especially grateful this fall to feel like myself again. Even if it means I had to resume cooking dinner for my family.

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  • Stephanie November 13, 2013 at 8:30 pm

    All I can say is AMEN

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