Fall in Instas

We kicked off fall with my birthday (although technically it was still 100°). Troy surprised me with a fancy handbag and I celebrated with my best friends at our usual dinner venue. September activities included a trip to the natural history museum, adorning Crew in bandana bibs, and soccer.
Then it was off to Disneyland in October. Packing for five was so much work. Each boy got to fill one tote with toys for the road trip. I’m not sure what I was more excited about – an opportunity to hit Pinkberry or Disneyland.

We soaked up any remaining warm weather days in November while we still could. Crew graduated to the highchair, where he despised every bite of baby food for a month. He did, however, enjoy ripping up his big brother’s art masterpieces.

December brought our first snowfall, which inevitably also led to sickness. Strep, stomach flu, colds, you name it. We celebrated Blake’s sixth birthday with a pirate party and the aftermath was strewn across the house. He wrote his first thank you notes to his friends who brought him gifts. Crew learned to pull himself to standing – in his crib and every other surface imaginable.

And that wraps up our fall in an Instagram nutshell since tomorrow marks the first official day of winter. This fall really was delightful. I was so grateful to enjoy it without constant sickness looming over me.

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