Pirate Party – Part One

Way back during the first week of December, Blake turned six.

He had five previous birthdays come and go with no parties aside from small gatherings with family. I usually feel too guilty about asking his friends’ families to take up precious time celebrating his birthday during the month of December, let alone have to worry about another present.

But this year, his birthday fell on a Saturday. The convenient date combined with the fact the he was past due for his first official party with friends was enough to get the wheels spinning in my head. For as much as I love throwing parties, it is pretty amazing that I made it six years without entering the realm of kids’ birthday parties.

We decided on a pirate themed party based on Blake’s love for his Halloween costume last year.

We delivered handmade ship invitations to his cute friends.

Then, the party set up began.

I tried to think of food that four to six year olds would enjoy. One of the biggest hits was Uncrustables (peanut butter and jellyย sandwiches) stamped with edible ink.

They thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the options as well. Phew.

I stayed up to the wee hours of the morning the night before the party to finish up the details, but I didn’t mind one bit because I was kind of in my element. As much fun as it was to set up the lunch table, planning activities for Blake’s guests was even better. Stay tuned for more.

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