Super Bowl Birthday

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When your birthday falls on the Super Bowl, a Super Bowl party it is.

The party almost didn’t happen after a power outage fried our satellite box the night before the big day, despite being on a surge protector. It’s pretty difficult to have a Super Bowl party without the Super Bowl.

But after sensing my panic, Troy saved the day by running to the store at 11:30pm on Saturday night and picking up an antenna. It worked like a charm since all we needed was a main channel for the big game.

There’s nothing like a glitch in the plans to get my heart racing. There was no way I was going to relocate 18 guests and scratch Nash’s part of the celebration in the process.

Thankfully, everything else ran smoothly.

Nash beamed all weekend long from the extra attention.

Aside from the birthday treats, we feasted and feasted throughout the big game. We collaborated with our friends on the food. Meatballs, pizza, bean dip, jalapeรฑo popper dip, chicken wings, and football shaped cheese dip. I think it’s safe to say that no one starved.

We took a half-time break to sing to the birthday boy.

Nash said his favorite part of his birthday was getting to play with his friends for hours on end while the adults chatted through the game. He’s so easy to please. Here’s to four!

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