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After being cooped up with sickness for spring break, we finally ventured out on our last day for a few must-dos around town.Our first stop was the putting green. My mom’s friend has a little four hole course in her backyard that the boys fell in love with. Blake was pretty proud of his “hole-in-two.”

Nash was a bit perplexed when we told him we were going golfing. He looked down at his attire and sighed, “I don’t have a golf suit. But I have a Tball suit!” In the end, we found that swimsuits worked all day, every day with the amount of swimming they did.

Blake eventually opted to form the golf balls into his name instead of hitting them.

No trip to Fountain Hills would be complete without a visit to the Fountain Hills park.

We admired the freshly painted walls.

And, of course, the massive fountain.

Blake was really interested in the mechanics of the machine and the water pump.

At least we can say we got out of the house at the end of the week. Not that we minded the pool in the backyard one bit. But the boys sure hold us to any activity that has been set as precedent in the past.

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