In the Pool

April 7, 2014 in Arizona, Swimming, Vacations - No Comments

We just returned home from a week in the sunshine. We headed down to Arizona for spring break. We even convinced Troy to come with us and bring his work set up since he is working from home until he can walk and drive again. He didn’t get to do much besides work, but at least he got fed and wasn’t left to fend for himself all week.

We passed a lot of sickness around throughout the week which is always a bummer when you’re on vacation. And by “vacation,” I mean trip. You don’t take vacations once you have children. There were many middle-of-the-night hours spent with each individual child.

But the greatest thing about our trips to the desert is that we never feel a lot of pressure to go out and fit in as much as possible. We hang out at my family’s house, where toys are ample, good food is always cooking, routine naps are taken, and afternoon pool dips are made, even despite sickness. It is simple and perfect for our family.

One little tear.

These little fish lived in the pool when they weren’t running fevers.

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