End of Kindergarten

Blake went ahead and graduated from Kindergarten. He has learned so much since his first day last fall.

He has even grown out of his dream of being an elf that builds toys.

We attended a few of his end of the year programs. First were riveting drama performances of Little Red Riding Hood and The Hungry Caterpillar.

On the last day of school, his whole class put on talent show for their graduation.

Blake settled on demonstrating one of his circuit sets for his talent. He wired the circuits to make a siren noise, turn on a light, and spin a helicopter top.These boys made this year exceptional. Not only were all three of them born the same week, but they all picked a science related talent for the graduation program. I mean, they were born to be friends. We are so sad that one of them is moving away this summer and splitting up the pack. We hope Blake keeps picking out stellar friends that happen to have awesome families. He sure exceeded our expectations this year.
And just like that, we have a first grader!

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