Summer Bucket List

Summer is officially in session.

I’m freaking out a little bit because I’m not ready. Sure, I’m excited to drop the school commutes and have my boys all to myself. But I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants lately and I’m not even close to having our summer mapped out yet.

I still haven’t signed up for swimming lessons or made up chore charts and reading charts. Or figured out how in the world we’re going to attend summer playgroups, weekly dollar movies, the waterpark, or all of my prenatal appointments for that matter, with a baby that still naps in his crib twice a day.

I’m not quite sure how to keep the older boys busy with outings, which they crave in the summer, with a baby in tow that isn’t as portable as he was last summer. We only have a narrow window to get out of the house each day.

I have some good intentions to add some structure to our lazy summer days and avoid as much technology as possible, but those plans have yet to made. And in our family, we do much better with a plan in place. Days 1 and 2 of summer vacation were filled with much more fighting than I’d like to admit.

But we did sit down and make our Summer Bucket List, which is at least a start to what I hope will be much more planning.

Because somewhere in between the naps and chores and keeping up on reading skills, having fun is a priority.

The top activity our boys want to complete this summer is walking on one of those overpasses that go over busy roads. They have seriously been asking for years to do this. I think that’s one thing we’ll be able to manage!

Throw in our annual Michigan trip, the town carnival, the bi-annual family reunion and a wedding in New York City, and our summer is shaping up to be pretty full.

It’s a good thing summer is long, right?

I shared this free Summer Bucket List printable on my design site. To download your own set of 12×18 and 8×10 prints, click HERE.

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