NYC Part Three – The Brooklyn Bridge

July 6, 2014 in NYC, Vacations - No Comments

We had a few spare hours before the wedding rehearsal dinner began, so we headed to the Brooklyn Bridge.

I’ve walked across the bridge before, so this time we decided to rent bikes and bike across. Even if that is a touristy thing to do (Troy considers himself more of a local, but he appeased me anyway).

The uphill climb was a bit of a challenge, especially with Troy’s still-healing knee. But the wind flapping through our hair as we cruised downhill, overlooking the East River and all of Manhattan, made the ride 100% worth it.

We had to stop a few times, of course, to take in views like this.

Once we made it to the other side, we marveled at the construction underneath the bridge. I cannot imagine being up there.

Sometimes the best views of city are captured by not actually being in the city.

We stopped at the famous Grimaldi’sย coal brick-oven pizzeria in Brooklyn for lunch.

And topped it off with some ice cream from Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory on the pier.

I developed a mild obsession with the locks overlooking the East River and Manhattan. So colorful and so many stories behind those locks.

Next time, we’ll be sure to bring our own lock to Brooklyn to top off the experience.

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