Water Canyons

We made our annual trip to the water canyons downtown.

We’ve gone to the same park with the same friends for four summers straight. We made sure to put it on the calendar weeks in advance to ensure that the summer didn’t pass us by without our annual tradition. In four years, this group of children has doubled.

My friend and I have been alternating having baby boys exactly nine months apart for the last two years. Our new baby will even follow suit. We are both insisting that this trend is not going to continue. We are more than ready for a pregnancy break.

All of those baby boys sure are sweet with each other though.

My friend and her family almost moved away this year, and while it would have been great for them, I’m so glad they’re still here. Book club just would not have been the same without her. And I’m happy we can continue this fun summer tradition as well.

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