First Day of First Grade

Blake was completely finished with breakfast, getting dressed and his morning chores when he tiptoed in my room at 7am this morning. He was more than a little excited for his first day of school. The next hour and a half dragged on until it was finally time to go.

The school playground was buzzing with excitement. It was such a different feeling this year to spot familiar faces. Blake was relieved that one of his best buddies was in his class.

There was no sweeter parting than with these two brothers. They sure do love each other. Nash called out for Blake several times throughout the day only to realize he wasn’t home. And while Blake talked a mile a minute about his day on the drive home from school, he paused to say, “Mom, I’m going to talk to Nash now. Nash, what did you do today?”

Nash helped me make our traditional first day of school cookies to pass some of the time. It was so strange to have Blake gone all day.

Blake reported that he loved, loved, loved first grade and wished it could last forever. Eating lunch at school and having three recesses were the highlights of his first day. We’ll see if he feels the same way once the homework starts piling up.

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