October Sky

October 30, 2014 in Fall Activities - No Comments

As we were leaving the Halloween village the other night, the boys couldn’t help but notice the gigantic air pillow in the distance. It was basically a huge trampoline filled with air, pillowing up from the ground. They begged to stay and check it out and insisted they weren’t hungry…

Cops and Robbers

Nash decided he wanted to be a police officer for Halloween over six months ago. He stuck to the idea, so I ordered his costume early. When it came in the mail, the boys immediately started playing cops and robbers with the accessories. The idea for the rest of the…

The Blue Sharks

Another soccer season has drawn to a close. We were thinking about taking a break from soccer this fall with the arrival of baby Finn, but the coach from last season really wanted to keep Blake’s team together. He was such a great coach that we couldn’t resist the invitation….

My Arms Will Never Hold Enough Babies

October 21, 2014 in Finn, Motherhood - 2 Comments

I’m sure I sound like a broken record with all of my recent gushing about the newborn baby phase. But here’s the thing. I think most moms have a stage of motherhood that really clicks for them. Some can’t get enough of preschoolers. Others adore the elementary years. And some…

Pumpkin Patching

We went on our annual pumpkin patch excursion. It was a bit of a reality check with four children under six all going in different directions. But we couldn’t pass up the tradition. We’ve gone to the same little patch every year since Blake was little and we always enjoy…

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