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October 13, 2014 in Finn - No Comments

I am amazed at how slow a month goes by when you are pregnant and how fast it flies when the baby is here. I’ve done enough lamenting about the fear of Finn growing up too fast, so I’m just going to stop for a moment and appreciate the hours and hours of newborn snuggles that I have enjoyed over the last month. I may go a little crazy when I have a newborn (my husband can vouch for me on that), but I have no regrets about hardly ever setting him down.

Finn’s cheeks are growing a little plumper and his clothes are fitting a little tighter. He passed the seven pound mark and it kind of breaks my heart that he won’t stay small forever. But he smiled his first series of smiles yesterday and I was reminded that when the newborn stage inevitably ends, it will be replaced with a cute personality and a myriad of exciting milestones that somehow don’t seem to get less exciting with each child.

Finn has stolen our hearts and we are all happily drinking him in, every last bit.

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