October Sky

October 30, 2014 in Fall Activities - No Comments

As we were leaving the Halloween village the other night, the boys couldn’t help but notice the gigantic air pillow in the distance. It was basically a huge trampoline filled with air, pillowing up from the ground. They begged to stay and check it out and insisted they weren’t hungry even though it was way past the dinner hour.

I had to admit that the giant pillow was intriguing. And I wanted to reward the boys for behaving so well during our jaunt around the village. They didn’t complain about taking pictures, they actually stayed within my view while admiring the witches, and they even initiated an entertaining dance party while I fed the baby.

So, I threw my rules out the window regarding dinner, homework and bedtime for the night. Sometimes the moment and fun, pure childhood matter more.

The air pillow was only open for a half hour longer when we arrived and the boys made the most out of every minute. They jumped and bounced and tumbled and soared to their hearts’ delight.

Even Crew ran up and down the air filled tarp without an ounce of hesitation.

He also thoroughly enjoyed the rocks surrounding the air pillow.

It made my own heart soar to watch them have the time of their lives, especially since the spontaneous activity was well earned. And just when the evening couldn’t seem to get any better, the most transcendent cluster of pink and orange clouds washed over us.

We sure have had a lot of beautiful sunsets this month.

And it never hurts to earn mom points while simultaneously enjoying the October sky.

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