Thankful Tree

November 28, 2014 in Thanksgiving, Traditions - No Comments

Happy Thanksgiving!

We were a little late in the game in crafting our traditional thankful tree this year, but we got the job done two days before Thanksgiving and that’s all that matters.

We’ve had a bunch of family in town which has made it fun for everyone that comes over to fill out leaves with things they are grateful for and add them to the branches.

We stuck with some simple paper bag trees this year and adorned them with torn leaves.

Blake insisted on making his very own tree. I know he’s in first grade and all, but it still surprises me that he can focus on a task for two hours. He was meticulous about cutting and twisting his paper bag. He focused so intently on each item he was grateful for. He wrote out ten leaves that all read “I luve mom.” And then he shared the “luve” with other family members as well. So sweet, that boy.

We’re feeling especially grateful this year for some big blessings that are coming our way.ย Yes, it has been a tough year. But our hearts are bursting with all of the beautiful people and kindness that have seeped into our lives. We feel nothing but blessed.

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