Holy Infant so Tender and Mild

December 25, 2014 in Cabin, Christmas, Traditions - 1 Comment

I can’t say that this year’s Christmas Eve nativity reenactment was very calm or orderly.  Crew and his cousins peeled off their shepherd costumes before we even finished the story. Troy somehow morphed into a ninja Joseph. We sang a not so reverent rendition of “We Three Kings” in the mix….

Fall in Instas

December 23, 2014 in Instagram, iphoneography, Temples - No Comments

Before we wind up 2014, there are a few more events via my phone that I want to record. A week before Finn was born, we took Blake and Nash to the new Ogden temple open house. Before a temple is dedicated for worship, it is open to the public. Everyone…

Wreath Woes

December 22, 2014 in Christmas, Crafts, Home Decor - No Comments

Ever since I painted our front door black, it heats up like crazy in the afternoon sun pouring in from the south. Last Christmas, my beloved cranberry wreath completely melted and warped.  To replace the cranberries, I crafted a wreath made from cinnamon sticks. It smelled divine.  It never crossed…

7 on the 7th

December 17, 2014 in Birthdays, Blake - No Comments

Blake’s golden birthday celebrations stretched all weekend long. In addition to his pool party, he was spotlighted at school. He received cards from each one of his classmates. I loved looking through them and trying to decode first grade spelling, such as, “Blake, you are osum.” One girl drew a…

Finn | Three Months

December 15, 2014 in Finn - 3 Comments

It’s happening. I’ve always said that you get about three months of the newborn stage and then all of a sudden you have a full fledged baby. The snuggling decreases gradually until one day you realize that your baby hasn’t taken a nap nuzzled up against you for awhile.  It…

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