Blake’s Golden Birthday

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We celebrated Blake’s much anticipated golden seventh birthday on December 7th.

It was a big weekend and I will have to spill out all the details another time when I’m not so darn tired. But I can’t let another day pass without writing seven things I adore about Blake.

  1. He is a baby lover. He takes such good care of his baby brothers; always making them laugh and choosing to hold them and entertain them over anything else he could be doing.
  2. The wheels in his head are always turning. He thinks deeply about how things work and creates fascinating machines.
  3. He asks awesome questions. Everything from how things work up in Heaven to how a budget works.
  4. He loves to listen to music and make up dancing “shows” with his brothers (which translates into jumping around a lot…as seen here). He especially likes to record their performances on the iPad and watch them over and over.
  5. He has to know what time it is, always. He sleeps with a little yellow digital clock on his pillow; inches away from his face. He carries it around the house during the day. He calculates how many minutes he’ll have to play at school until the bell rings. If we’re expecting company, he sets a timer to ring when they’re supposed to arrive. He loves time.
  6. He is responsible. He takes his job as the oldest brother seriously and makes himself (and often his brothers) breakfast every morning. He tells me at least once a week; “I’m so lucky I get to be the oldest brother.”
  7. He is incredibly enthusiastic about life. When I tell him something fun that is going to happen, his whole face glows with excitement.

He makes our whole family so happy. Happy golden birthday, Blake.

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