On the 10th Day of Christmas: Just Hear Those Sleigh Bells Jingling

We spent all day on Christmas Eve Eve cleaning and packing to prepare for a week away from home. We barely made it in time to a resort in the canyon to meet up with extended family for a horse-drawn sleigh ride. There wasn’t much snow on the ground yet, so it ended up being a horse-drawn wagon ride. What we were lacking in snow we certainly made up for in coldness. It was freeeezing.

After we rode around, sang some carols and met the horses, we ventured into the lodge to visit Santa Claus. Crew was quite hesitant to accept his offering of a candy cane.

Finn showed the least amount of stranger anxiety towards the jolly old man. And Blake changed his mind about what to ask Santa for two days before Christmas. It’s a good thing I anticipated his request and already had his new wish in my possession. I think I should get extra mom points for that!

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