A Simple Easter

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We kept Easter weekend really simple this year. We headed to the beach on Saturday when the boys got too restless to listen to any more General Conference (our church’s televised broadcast that falls the first weekends of April and October).

In typical fashion, the boys made some new friends at the beach. When it was time to leave, they said, “See you next time!” I didn’t have the heart to tell them that it was highly unlikely to be reacquainted.

As usual, sand ended up on every inch of their bodies.

While we’re zoomed in, let’s take a look at that cherubic napping beach baby.

Our Easter bunny seems to get more and more worn out each year, so the boys did not awake to the traditional trails of yarn that they usually follow to locate their baskets. Since we moved to a new location, I figured it was a good time to break the tradition and simplify. They didn’t even notice the lack of yarn trails. They were completely happy with the baskets that were left out right on the kitchen table.

The Easter bunny even simplified the contents. Some pool toys, goggles, a tie, playdough and one candy item for each boy.

We watched more General Conference and then my neighbor and I hid some eggs for our boys to find. Since there weren’t any church services to attend this Easter, I didn’t bother dressing anyone up. We sat out on the grass in comfy clothes and enjoyed quizzing our neighbors (California natives) about various beach communities. We soaked up another day of beautiful weather while the boys sorted through their collections of candy.

Finn was too young for the egg hunt, but he took his job as the bunny model seriously.

When you are six months old, grass is fascinating.

So much joy in that tiny little body.

We spent the rest of the day Skyping with family, cooking a ham dinner (which turned out – phew) and preparing to head out of town for spring break. It didn’t feel as much like a traditional Easter this year, but I loved the simplicity. Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in all of the “extras” when what is most important is to spend time with our children and teach them that He is the light.

I caught up on all of the General Conference talks I missed during our road trip on Monday. I was alone with my thoughts that stemmed from inspiring words while the boys happily watched movies. It was the perfect way to wrap up a simple Easter weekend.

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