Pre-Easter Activities

We kicked off the week of Easter by spending a day at our city’s spring festival.

It seemed like the whole town was out to collect eggs.

The egg hunts were divided by age. Thank goodness for Troy who distracted Crew while he peered through the fence and watched his older brothers participate in their egg hunt.

I don’t think Crew was too amused by the collection of stickers he gathered during the toddler egg hunt. He much preferred the candy from his brothers’ eggs.

And the balloons that were just out of reach.

But his favorite part of the festival was hands down the bubble table.

Finn zoned out with his little thumb locked in place the majority of the day.

The boys enjoyed climbing through bounce houses and playing carnival games and we loved bumping into many families we’ve started to get to know. Our city has somewhat of a small town feel and I love that. I bought a double stroller from someone a few weeks ago and I’ve already run into her at the pool, the school and the spring festival.

We continued our Easter prep a few days later with some families in our neighborhood. They set up an egg-dying extravaganza and all we had to do was show up with a carton full of hard boiled eggs.

Blake sported the remnants of the tattoos he gathered at the festival.

The only problem with dying eggs is that small hands seem to absorb the color better than the eggs do.

Finn was our official egg guard.

The other boys became way more interested in the mini cupcakes.

I didn’t get around to putting up any Easter decor this year or incorporating any of our usual traditions, so I’m grateful for a town and friends who made my job easy. For the first time since we’ve been married, we aren’t traveling or hosting family for Easter. It’ll just be us, which means I need to go figure out how to cook a ham. I’m hoping to locate the lesson I usually give where we open eggs with symbols that represent the events leading up to the Resurrection. And I’m thinking that our Easter weekend will include a trip to the beach in between our church’s General Conference sessions as well. We’re looking forward to taking it easy this year and soaking up inspiration and nice weather and each other.


  • Shawn April 7, 2015 at 2:44 am

    It looks like everyone had lots of fun!! We wish we had been there. Once again you took fabulous photos to treasure.

  • Stephanie April 8, 2015 at 12:33 pm

    Your neighborhood sounds so cool, and your kids could not be any cute!!!

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