The First of Many Disney Birthdays

April 18, 2015 in Birthdays, Crew, Disneyland - No Comments

The boys and I have been planning Crew’s birthday for months. We wanted to have a Disney day that was completely centered around things that Crew would enjoy. Our first items of business were picking up his birthday pin and obtaining a bubble gun. I think we could have left right then and he would have been happy. He has had his eye on those bubble guns each time we’ve visited.

We headed to Toontown to walk through all of the character’s houses. Crew wanted nothing to do with Goofy so Blake and Nash had to sub in.

We went on all of the train rides that Disneyland has to offer and took a little boat ride through Storybook Land. Don’t let that serious face fool you – Crew was exclaiming “Choo-choo!” nonstop.

We topped off the outing with some cake pops by the wishing well.

Crew was most interested in the ducks as usual.

He was not a fan of Blake swiping his bubble gun.

There’s that possessive two year old face where everything is “mine.”

It was so much fun having these brothers along. They were such good sports about making the day all about Crew. They talked to him in high pitched voices, making sure that he was noticing all of the magic.

But next time, they informed me that they want to go on the “fun” rides.

We went through two containers of bubbles and called it a day. We met up with Troy for dinner and everyone crashed on the way home after a day of no naps and pure fun.

Watch out world, Crew is two.

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