Disney + Cousins

We hit up Disneyland one last time before our passes are blocked out all summer. It never gets old how much the characters interact with the boys.

We met up with cousins and with a higher adult to child ratio, we were able to collect tons of fast passes and rider switch passes and hit up a lot of rides that aren’t usually doable.

I think taking the shifts with the non-riders was just as entertaining. Blake had all of his brothers and cousins in hysterics by simply hitting himself with a water bottle.

The boys enjoyed the dance party in Cars Land while simultaneously getting covered from head to toe in sticky Mickey Mouse suckers.

Blake was over the moon about getting to ride California Screamin’, the biggest roller coaster, for the first time. Everyone else looked on from Paradise Pier. Crew’s face says it all; the end of the day with tired eyes, sticky cheeks and a bruised forehead.

It’s safe to say the boys are pretty excited about having cousins nearby.

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