Spring in Cali According to my Phone

I found a few straggling spring photos on my phone that I couldn’t let disappear before documenting.

Finn loves our daily walks up the hill to meet Blake on his walk home from school.

This is quite possibly the last time he will ever sleep curled up on me.

We like to visit The LEGO Store in Downtown Disney on our way into Disneyland.

Having season passes really is the best. We met up with our neighbors one Disney afternoon and rode Nash’s favorite ride; Goofy’s Sky School.

Our neighbor girls not only play beautifully with Blake and Nash, but they adore Crew and Finn as well. They ran laps with Crew and our broken umbrella on the one rainy afternoon we had.

We went to support them in a singing performance.

We love to eat at Ruby’s Diner; especially on Tuesdays when kids eat free. That is incredibly economical for our family.

I love seeing my boys in white shirts on Sundays.

Finn is very attached to his bunny lovey. He spent his first few months in our new home sleeping on his changing pad to prevent rolling at night, just as all of our other boys have done.

He also spent some time at Urgent Care with a ruptured ear drum and breathing treatments for his wheezing. He still smiled through it all.

We went to Sea World on $6 admission day. The next time that happens, I’m pulling Blake out of school too. That’s a deal that can’t be beat.

Crew loves to help me get the mail. He especially loves it when we find boxes in there.

It’s time to take the binkies away from Crew but I’m dreading it. He loves them so much.

Troy took the boys to LA to visit some of our friends that were in town for a volleyball tournament. The boys have been hooked on Harry Potter lately and Blake was excited to find Daniel Radcliffe’s handprints.

They bumped into a Harlem Globetrotter as well.

My friend combined a collection of iPhone clips into this short video. It’s a little glimpse into how just about every day ends around here; friends, water and running galore. We really love our neighborhood if you can’t tell.

I spent a lot of our spring buried in boxes but somewhere in between all of the settling in, we managed to get out and not be total hermits.

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