Normal Friday Night

July 21, 2015 in Beach, Crew, Summer Activities - No Comments

Sometimes I have still have to pinch myself that we live here and hikes overlooking the ocean are just a normal Friday night.

Photos can’t quite capture just how high up we were and how the panoramic ocean was spread out below us.

Crew decided to walk the trail which meant I stuck by his side the entire time, worried he might tumble down the unfenced mountain. It also meant my memory card filled up with pictures of just him since the rest of my family was either far ahead of us or far behind us.

Crew sprinkled sand on a large beetle and then watched it crawl for a good ten minutes. And then he went running back to find it after I thought I convinced him to move on.

I didn’t mind the distraction one bit since it meant I got to gaze out over the hazy sunset.

We will definitely be frequenting this place.

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