Alpine Slides

August 20, 2015 in Summer Activities, Vacations - No Comments

When we were planning our trip to the mountains, the number one thing the boys said they wanted to do was go on the Alpine Slides. It had been a few years since we’d hit the summer slopes but they vividly remembered every detail of riding the ski lift and twisting and dipping down the tracks.We picked a sunny mid-day to execute the activity which was no good for photos but perfect for staying warm high in the mountains.

The lift climbed higher and higher and provided beautiful panoramic views.

Blake was the exact height to be able to ride by himself. That meant he had to haul his own sled once we exited the lift.

Blake was pretty nervous to go down alone. He listened carefully to all of the instructions.
He was the last one to arrive at the bottom of the tracks and he had quite a hold up of people behind him who were forced to reduce their speed, but he made it in one piece.

Crew thoroughly enjoyed his first slide down the mountain as well.
We sufficiently crossed off the boys’ top vacation priority.

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