Back to School Fancy Dinner

We held our third annual back to school fancy dinner the night before school started.

We introduced our new family theme for the year, which focuses on effort.

Troy and I both shared about times we’ve failed and had to “try try again” to reach a goal and achieve success. Our boys have been quick to say “I can’t” or “It’s too hard” lately. We had a great discussion about how things don’t come easy to everyone and usually the things that matter most require a lot of work and patience.

We also had a not so peaceful dinner consisting of bickering and complaining. It was nothing out of the ordinary, but I think the extra “fanciness” of napkins on laps and glasses full of sparkling cider were enough to let the tradition and discussion sink in a bit for the older boys.

I’ve already overheard them telling each other to “try try again” when they are struggling.

I’ve realized how often I still need this message myself. Here’s to trying (and trying again) to teach our boys through example.

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