Finn | Eleven Months

August 24, 2015 in Finn - No Comments

I can’t even think about how close my baby is getting to a certain birthday. So instead, here are two of my very favorite things about Finn at eleven months:

First of all, he has become a little speedster crawling up the stairs. Our stairs switch directions a few times and have a couple of landings from the bottom to the top which makes the process more challenging. He is always right behind me when I run up the stairs. If I wait at the top for him, he stops at each and every stair, cranks his head up to find me, smiles a huge grin, and continues with more zeal for the next stair. It never gets old cheering him on from one step to the next and meeting each one of his full body smiles with encouragement.

Second, the moments where I pull him out of his bed are my favorite. He has been sleeping in our closet for the last five months or so because it is the darkest, quietest, least disruptive room when his three older brothers are running around causing a ruckus. Since it is so dark in there, when I pull him out of his bed, his face completely scrunches up to block out the incoming light. His warm, freshly awoken body curls up to me and I cannot get enough.

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