Long Standing Tradition

It was so good to reconnect with great friends while we were in Utah. There were so many people to fit into a few days and so many more we wish we could have seen. We managed to get away for a date night with some of our best friends, I went out with my beloved book club ladies for dinner and a movie, and I made a quick round trip around the mountain to meet up with one of my best friends from Michigan. It seemed so normal to be surrounding ourselves with the friends we got to know so well over the seven years we lived there.

While Troy met up with a friend for lunch and golf, I took the boys to meet up with another great friend. We have taken our growing number of children to the same park every summer for five years straight. We thought the tradition would end this year since we moved to a different state, but lo and behold, we made it happen.

The little ones played in the water canyons while we caught up on every topic imaginable and snapped occasional photos with our nerdy camera equipment.

I’m so grateful for good traditions and even better friends. We knew it would be a little crazy trying to see as many friends as we could while balancing time with extended family and time on the lake. It was a full week but it was worth every drive back and forth from the mountains to the valley.

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  • Steph H August 30, 2015 at 10:10 pm

    That first picture still cracks me up, how do we have that many kids? It was SO GOOD to see you and talk about every single thing possible

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