On the Lake

Aside from visiting friends and family and enjoying the mountains, one of the main reasons for our trip to Utah was to go boating. We have boated every single summer since we’ve been married and couldn’t imagine missing out this year.

Due to weather and sickness and dozens of other commitments we had, we only got out on the lake a couple of times during the week. We would have liked to spend more time on the water, but we made the most of every minute we had.

Our first run was in the evening which is my favorite time to be out on the lake.

The boys quickly remembered the routines of lifejackets, buoys and flags.

I never thought those mountains would feel like home, but they brought back all sorts of nostalgia.

Nash was in a particularly silly mood during our first jaunt on the lake.

Crew, however, wouldn’t even sit on the bench because he was so nervous about the water. He stayed in the center of the boat the entire time. He did call the lake the “ocean” multiple times. I guess that makes him an official California boy.

These two grew out crazy manes of hair all summer that flapped around and expanded in the wind.

Dad didn’t let the boys stay dry for long.

The last time we were on the boat, I was nine months pregnant with Finn and Nash used my belly as a pillow. It’s crazy how much changes in a year. Finn enjoyed his maiden voyage out of utero.

The boys learned the ropes of driving the boat.

They thought it would be hilarious to confiscate their dad’s sunglasses.

Nash’s hair had the best natural highlights this summer. I let it grow out longer than normal because I didn’t want to chop off those bleached blonde streaks.

But alas, the mop of hair had to go before school started. I took the boys to my trusty friend who has cut their hair for years. When we went out on the lake a few days later, Nash’s highlights were history.

Our second excursion was cold and choppy but it didn’t prevent the view from being breathtaking.

My favorite moment of all was when Finn fell asleep in my arms. Every single one of my babies has slept in my arms on that boat, so I was over the moon that Finn followed suit.

Nash and I eventually braved the icy water to surf for a few minutes. It was kind of brutal this year, as evidenced by Nash’s facial expression.

It took us a few hours to thaw out and we were sore for days. Nash pretended to take a little nap after getting so worked up.

He didn’t quite fool us with that sneaky smile.

We miss being able to go out on the boat on any given weekend. We’re so happy we didn’t miss out altogether this summer.

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  • Shawn September 4, 2015 at 2:23 am

    Fun, fun memories!!

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