iPhoneography: Broken

December 8, 2016 in Crew, Hospital, Injuries - 1 Comment

We weren’t on our end of summer birthday high for long before reality hit. Crew started eliminating his nap over the summer but fell asleep often enough that I put him down most afternoons. He still slept in a crib. I figured the only way he might doze off was…

Halloween Rundown

November 20, 2016 in Halloween, Traditions, Trunk or Treat - No Comments

We kicked off our Halloween festivities with a preschool costume party. One of Crew’s friends refused to put on his costume that his talented mom spent hours sewing. He wouldn’t wear anything but his Christmas pajamas. I think that made this capture even better. We hosted the party at our…

Halloween Costume Reveal

November 15, 2016 in Halloween - 3 Comments

I have so much to catch up on from September and October, but since I’m running a solid three months behind, I’m going to jump to Halloween so I’m not posting about it at Christmastime. My younger two wore hand-me-down costumes. Some costumes are just too good to not reuse….

Final Pier Walk

October 6, 2016 in Beach, Michigan, Vacations - 1 Comment

It has become tradition to take one final walk to the pier on our last night in Michigan. We did the same thing two years ago, just four weeks before Finn joined our family. It’s hard to believe there were only three back then and how much they’ve all grown….

Michigan Beach Nights

October 4, 2016 in Beach, Michigan, Traditions, Vacations - No Comments

I go back and forth on whether I like beach days or beach nights better. I love both, but I have a special place in my heart for the golden hour in Michigan. Especially when it involves piers, lighthouses, soft sand and pretty light. Ditching the shoes is usually step…

Yard Games

One of our favorite ways to spend evenings in Michigan is playing yard games. I happened to glance at some photos of us playing ladder ball when we were in Michigan two years ago, and I realized that Finn and Crew were wearing the exact same thing! That was completely…

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