Blake’s Baptism Celebration

January 25, 2016 in Baptisms, Blake, Friends, Parties - 1 Comment

After Blake’s baptism, we headed back to our house along with all of our extended family to celebrate. I’m always up for a party, so along with dinner, I set up a hot chocolate bar.

Sometimes when I get a vision in my head, I just can’t stop until it turns into a reality. That was the case with the number 8 marquee I was cutting out of plywood with my jigsaw at the last minute. I picked up the materials in between our trips to Arizona and Carlsbad over the holidays, but I didn’t find time to execute the project until the day before the baptism.

Projects like that always take twice as long as I think they will, especially when my drill battery dies every five minutes and I can’t find a drill bit large enough to drill holes for the globe lights. Thankfully Blake’s baptism wasn’t scheduled until late in the afternoon on Saturday so I had enough time that morning to get the right drill bit, paint the number 8, screw in the lights and hang it up before the party began. I was grateful for the extra family we had in town that helped me assemble everything just in the nick of time.

I have a great recipe for crock pot hot chocolate that I transferred into pitchers. The boys planned in advance which mix-ins they were going to choose to add a little extra flavor.

Blake was actually the mastermind behind how to wire the lights into the number 8 marquee. He showed so much enthusiasm and gratitude each step of the way. When I didn’t have the right tool to finish the marquee the night before, I switched over to writing on his chalkboard and he was so excited to find it completed when he woke up on his baptism day.
He couldn’t wait to grab the neighbor girls to show them the finished display.

I may have received a few eye rolls from Troy as I prepared the details, but he is always so good to step aside and let me do my thing when it comes to celebrations. He even helped in the hunt for the correct drill bit.

We had tables set up in each room and seated people outside under twinkle lights as well. Our home was bursting with conversation and love and we were so happy to have everyone gathered together in California to celebrate Blake.

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  • Tiffiney | Welcome Home Ministry April 22, 2018 at 2:44 am

    Love this, Lindsey! Your blog is so inspiring! I love the fact that you married young (Like my Angel) and that you obviously love family and decorating. You have a gift! Stopping by from Designer Blogs.


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