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I woke up on Easter morning with laryngitis and absolutely no voice.

It’s a good thing I could lip sync while conducting the children’s choir at church because the only sound I could produce was a whisper. The children sang a beautiful song called “Gethsemane” and the boys were so happy that their grandparents could hear them sing because they were in town for a wedding and a birthday that coincided with Easter.

Since we had family visiting, we were happy to host dinner. But not before the Easter photo-op. I love any opportunity where it is acceptable to dress my boys in pink.

Finn was in a particularly photogenic mood.

We spent the afternoon preparing the feast while the little ones napped. We fit in a quick hunt for eggs when the cousins arrived. I had Blake and Nash hide all the eggs even though they were the ones finding them too. They were so sweet to make sure their siblings and cousins received a sufficient amount of eggs.

Finn stopped at one egg once he discovered the jelly beans within.

It was wonderful to have family in town to soak up all the Easter goodness with us. Even with the sugar high that resulted from the surplus of candy strewn across the house.

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