What it Looks Like on Sunday Afternoon

April 28, 2016 in Life with Boys - 2 Comments

Approximately 10 minutes after we got home from church, I came downstairs to find this scene: The boys were shirtless and half of them had winter coats on as padding so they could be shot with Nerf bullets over and over. It’s a good thing they know how to entertain…

Celebrating Crew

April 23, 2016 in Beach, Birthdays, Crew, Friends - 2 Comments

Three seems to be the first birthday where they “get” it and Crew’s anticipation was electric. His brothers asked him for weeks leading up to the big day what he wanted to do and he only had two requests; cake and the putt-putt park. Everyday we would ask him one…

Crew is Three

April 15, 2016 in Beach, Birthdays, Crew - 1 Comment

I wish every mama could have a Crew. The three things I love most about him are: 1. His enthusiasm level for life is off the charts. He shows the same amount of excitement for going to Disneyland as he does when he spots a garbarge truck. When he recognizes…

Spring Break in the Desert

April 14, 2016 in Arizona, Swimming, Traditions, Vacations - 1 Comment

If I’m being real, our spring break this year was largely overshadowed by some fierce germs, sleepless nights, constant bickering and complaints of being bored by 8:30am.  Yes, we did manage to fit in a trip to the desert. I’ve lost any expectations of trips feeling like “vacations” with four…


April 13, 2016 in Arizona, Nash, Swimming - No Comments

Nash came up to me on a Saturday to show me his first loose tooth. To my surprise, it was really loose! He worked on it all weekend and sure enough, it fell out while he was swimming on Monday. The only problem was, it immediately sunk to the bottom…

School Shenanigans

Having two school-aged children (plus two toddlers) is downright exhausting. It seems like I barely get them off to school with their lunches and gym shoes and library books and then they are home already with growling stomachs and overflowing backpacks. By the time we sort out the dirty lunchboxes and…

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