Crew is Three

April 15, 2016 in Beach, Birthdays, Crew - 1 Comment

I wish every mama could have a Crew.

The three things I love most about him are:

  1.  His enthusiasm level for life is off the charts. He shows the same amount of excitement for going to Disneyland as he does when he spots a garbage truck. When he recognizes a song on the radio he gasps and exclaims, “What’s that sound?!” He loves to observe rain falling from the sky, bury himself over and over in cardboard boxes, take showers and help make waffles. He is excited about every aspect of life and his joy is contagious.
  2. He still pronounces a few words incorrectly and I can’t bear to correct him because it is so endearing. Some of my favorites are bow-nana for banana, swim-soup for swimsuit, foda for soda, oh-gurt for yogurt, bakistball for basketball and pooky pooky for spooky (always repeated twice).
  3. He randomly runs into my arms to give me hugs approximately 43 times a day. He exclaims, “I wuuuuuuuv you mom.” And when I tell him, “You’re my boy,” he replies, “You’re my guh-wool.” I will always be your girl, Crew. Don’t you forget it!

Happy birthday to my favorite three year old.

1 Comment

  • Julie April 15, 2016 at 9:29 pm

    My favorite three-year-old too! Happy Birthday Crew!

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