Finn and His Nie-Night

Finn loves his nie-night and thumb more than anything. He tries to sneak his lovey out the door every time we leave the house. Most of the time he is successful because it just makes him so happy. We had to wait a long time at Rainforest Cafe the other night for our nephew’s birthday and Finn was perfectly content to kick back in his highchair with his nie-night and thumb and watch the fish swim by. He reminds me so much of Nash and his nie-night at this age.

Sometimes he clings onto rocks and other items in his left thumbsucking hand while grasping his nie-night in his other hand.

It really is the sweetest thing. His nie-night doesn’t even look too beat up yet…but I’m sure it only is only a matter of time before it becomes as well-worn as Nash’s lovey.

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