36 Hour Reunion

Just over a year ago, we lived within blocks of two families that were some of our best friends. We went on dates almost every single weekend, took trips together, found out the gender of babies together, worked out together, played on sports teams together and celebrated holidays together. Our family was the first to break up the group but another family moved to Vegas a few months after we moved to California. And next month, the one remaining family is moving to Michigan.

Since we’re spreading out all over the country, we worked for months to try to find a date that all of us could meet up in Vegas. We were determined to have one last reunion while everyone still lives within driving distance of each other.

We finally found a weekend that would work, but it meant rearranging flights, missing events and only having a 36 hour window of time together. The weather was gloomy and half of our family was sick, but that didn’t stop the boys from thinking they were in absolute heaven, surrounded by their friends they miss so much.

Not even rain could keep them from throwing their swimsuits on multiple times and jumping in the pool.

Even Crew tested out the water.

I thought he would only get his toes wet but before I knew it, his shirt was soaked.

Finn came down with a brutal fever and wheezing cough. He slept on and off the entire time we were there.

It happened to be one of my friend’s birthdays so we did manage to escape for dinner and dessert at the Paris hotel. It’s hard to think about how far away we all live from each other now and how much has changed in the last year. It’s a good thing Michigan happens to be my home state and Southern California happens to be a vacation destination because I don’t think I could go too long without seeing these faces.

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