Mother’s Day

May 11, 2016 in Mother's Day - 1 Comment

My mind is drawing a blank on what to write. There’s so much I could say about mothering and the mothers that influence me. But I’m having a hard time focusing amidst the bickering siblings in the background, the slew of uncompleted homework spread out on the kitchen table, the pleas for it to be dinnertime, the fear that the baby will wake up any second and the rush that will come as soon as the dinner hour, cub scout pack night and bedtime begin.

Yes, I’m in the thick of mothering and even though I often feel like I’m losing my mind because everything is swirling around me faster than I can keep up, these boys make my world go round.

Troy and the boys made sure I felt loved and appreciated on Mother’s Day, starting with breakfast in bed and lots of homemade gifts.

Troy covered every meal of the day. He knows that the way to my heart is bread and cheese so he tried out a new bread blossom recipe after church. What made all of his preparations even more impressive is he didn’t eat anything he made because he’s been eating really healthy. He even timed the grilling of the chicken for dinner to be completed at the same time as the corn on the cob, biscuits and roasted potatoes. That is no easy feat and his labor of love was not unnoticed.

My only requests were some time alone (I was able to escape for a few hours over the weekend and it was dreamy) and some photos with my boys. Let’s just say some boys were more cooperative than others.

It sounds and looks like any sort of down time I might have had is now officially over, so there you have it. Mother’s Day 2016.

1 Comment

  • Stephanie May 29, 2016 at 3:59 am

    Could you be any prettier, or your boys any cuter?!

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