Cabin Life

The minute the final school bell of the year rang, we hit the road and headed towards the mountains.

The last week of school was so chaotic that we hardly put any thought into the upcoming trip.

We didn’t make many concrete plans and we didn’t have high expectations, so we were pleasantly surprised when the time away turned out to be just what we needed. It was the perfect balance of spending time with family and friends, participating in fun outdoor activities and relaxing in the fresh mountain air.

The boys couldn’t have been happier to be at their grandparents’ cabin by the lake. Evenings consisted of dinners on the deck, roasting s’mores, chatting around the fire pit and swinging on hammock chairs.

Normally we would have been disappointed that the skies were gloomy half of the time we were there, but I love a good thunderstorm. We sat out on the balcony and watched a few storms roll in over the lake. We were lucky enough to witness a huge double rainbow after one of the storms.

The boys set up the croquet course one afternoon when the sun peeked out.

As much as it bothered me to leave overflowing backpacks and mounds of papers and artwork unsorted back at home, escaping to the mountains was the perfect way to kick off the summer after the whirlwind that came with the last week of school.

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