4th of July Weekend

Our good friends from Vegas spent the 4th of July with us last year and we were thrilled when they decided to come back for round two.

There is so much anticipation in the days and hours leading up to our reunions. These friends are always beyond thrilled to be together.

Especially when you throw in some waves and boogie boards.

We were grateful for our friends’ teenage son that didn’t mind entertaining little ones all weekend.

We were surprised that Finn agreed to go sand sledding. He rarely leaves his happy place at the beach.
Yet, he always manages to get covered in sand.

We escaped with no kids for dinner on the beach at sunset.

We took a walk along the shore while we were waiting for our table and somehow managed to get soaked from the knees down.

So worth it. You just can’t beat that view.

It was our fifth beach visit in one week and we geared up for more in the following days. Not before we had a good scare in the tunnel on the way back to the car because the guys scared us into thinking we were accompanied by a rodent. We had a good laugh all the way home because our screams scared each other more than anything.

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