Michigan Beach Days

Most of our Michigan days blur together because the routine was the same. Beach, beach and more beach. I was worried that the beach wouldn’t have as much draw now that we live near the ocean, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Aside from a few days spent with friends and family, we spent every waking moment in the sand. I hosed down the boys multiple times a day, only to have them covered in more sand by bedtime.

It doesn’t matter whether they are boogie boarding in the salty ocean waves or building sandcastles by the freshwater pier. Everyone is happiest at the beach.

Sand, water and sticks provided hours of entertainment.

Blake spent an entire day placing washed up logs into thoughtful structures.

We watched the catamarans sail in from their regatta race.

But soon enough, it was back to business.
Blake built a boat for his brothers.

Crew was all over steering that thing.

Nash found the perfect sand consistency for castle building.

Blake added a few more towers.

Crew refilled and dumped buckets of water over and over and over.

Finn had a knack for stealing my beach chair that was comfortably tucked under a shady umbrella. He was happy as long as he had his thumb and his nie-night.

We walked down the little path that led to the water every single day.

Sometimes the boys rolled the inner tube to the beach.

One day we rented a paddle board and I gave turns rowing the boys out to the lighthouse.

Blake maneuvered the paddle board around as well.

We watched sailboats, ferries and freighters drift in and out of the channel. The most anticipated time each day was 4pm, when the Lake Express auto ferry arrived from Wisconsin. It produced the best waves.

The lighthouse opened for tours every few days so one morning we took advantage.

We walked up two floors of spiral staircases for a gorgeous view.

We climbed up one more narrow ladder to catch a glimpse of the flashing light and vantage point from the top.

Usually we can expect several rainy days during our stay but the first two weeks in August were impeccable this year. It made it that much easier to appreciate the sound of waves rolling up to the shore, the sight ofย sailboats drifting along the coast and the feeling of the softest sand between our toes.

I love that the most frequented place of my childhood is becoming cemented in my boys’ hearts as well.


  • Julie September 29, 2016 at 1:13 am

    Ahhh…. Home Sweet Home!

  • Shawn October 2, 2016 at 3:51 am

    So creative with the logs and sandcastle! Crew was a riot at the "wheel." Love that photo of the three oldest boys walking hand in hand out to the lighthouse!

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