Completed Summer Bucket List

Each year, we complete the majority of the activities we plan on our annual summer bucket list. But this was the first summer we checked off every single item.

A lot of the items on our list were activities we had plans to do anyway. But we completed some loftier goals as well. We checked off visits to 20 parks, 6 beaches and 10 pools. We collectively biked more than 150 miles. We each read for at least 200 minutes.

We paddleboarded, nature walked, night swam, boated, flew on airplanes, picnicked, built sandcastles, launched water balloons, watched fireworks, ran through sprinklers and spotted a rainbow.By the end of September, we only had one item left on our list to complete. Technically the boys had already been back in school for 5 weeks, but when our friends hosted an outdoor movie night and that happened to be our last checkmark to obtain, we counted it.

The boys were very proud of our completed bucket list, but even during the summers where we don’t quite accomplish every single item, we love having ideas to draw from when summer days drag on. It helps us to be more deliberate with how we spend our time and having goals to work towards is never a bad idea.

Nash loves to take “relaxing” photos and I’d say our completed summer bucket list was cause for some well-earned relaxation.

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  • Stephanie January 12, 2017 at 2:13 pm

    We still use your printable Summer Bucket list too!!!!

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