Patchin’ Take Two

We tried to get our whole family to the pumpkin patch several times during the month of October. Things kept popping up and company kept filling our weekends so we didn’t actually make it to the patch until 4 days before Halloween. If it wasn’t for tradition’s sake, we might have skipped the family outing altogether this year and counted the preschool field tripย instead. But our boys are sticklers about traditions and insisted that October wouldn’t be October without running through rows of orange pumpkins.

Of course, if a mom goes to the pumpkin patch and doesn’t take pictures, did it really happen?

I sprained my ankle running through rows of pumpkins in order to capture my baby in action, but I’d say it was worth it.

Blake showed Finn the ropes of driving tractors, being the expert tractor driver he is.

Nash was all about the relaxation in random places, as per usual.

Crew didn’t find those wheelbarrows quite as comfortable.

We couldn’t resist the challenge of the corn maze before calling it a night.

And with that, we could officially move on to Halloween festivities with the peace of mind that we didn’t skip any October traditions. Now if only I could convince them that pumpkin carving is not a tradition that needs to be repeated every year.

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