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October 22, 2016 in Beach, Friends, Swimming - No Comments

Once Crew got his cast off and could fully participate in beach activities once again, we couldn’t get enough of the ocean. Starting in mid-October, we had different rounds company stay with us five weekends in a row. Of course, most of them wanted to soak up the beach right along with us.

Our second round of visitors came to watch the Cubs play against the Dodgers in the playoffs. We’ve known them since their twins and Nash were babies.

The kids picked right back up as friends and made up beach games by day and skits and performances by night.

Crew reveled in his castless freedom.

We explored the caves and tide pools a bit at one of our favorite beaches.

Blake and Nash insisted on carrying all of the sand and seashell treasures they collected back to our beach chairs. It took two of them to manage the weight.

We went boogie boarding one last time before “California winter” hit.

Meanwhile, back at shore, Finn camped out with his dad under the umbrella so he could harass him for snacks and giggle at his reflection in Troy’s sunglasses.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Everyone is happiest at the beach.

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