5th Round of Visitors in 5 Weeks

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We’ve had a steady stream of out-of-state visitors in the last two months. We sometimes had a few days in between our five rounds of company, but more often they were back to back. One family would leave and I’d have just enough time to wash the sheets before the next family would arrive.

My family stayed with us in mid-October to attend our Primary program. The weekend also included a boardwalk bike ride and lunch on the pier. A few days later, our friends from Salt Lake City arrived to go to a baseball playoff game and we hit up the beachย multiple times with them. Next, Troy’s family came to town and joined us for our pre-Halloween festivities; theย pumpkin patch, preschool party and Trunk-or-Treat. A few hours after they left, my family came back in time for Halloween day and the week following. I missed their departure while I was away on a girls’ weekend. Our fifth round of company, good friends from Vegas, came to our neck of the wood in mid-November to pick up a motorcycle. Naturally, we made a weekend out of it. We didn’t tell the boys that their best buddies were arriving during the night and made up an excuse why they had to pile together in the same room. They were so surprised and elated to see them.

We took the kids to a park at Newport Harbor while our friends were signing paperwork for the motorcycle.

They met up with us to take the ferry over to Balboa Island. The big kids tromped through the water while the rest of us walked along the boardwalk.

After our traditional Balboa Bars, we caught the sunset on the way back to the ferry.

The kids hurdled the boat rope anchors along the shore.

We strayed from our typical beach activities the next day and decided to hit up the shopping center for lunch and a movie instead.

We found a sitter so the adults could go back to Newport Harbor for dinner that night.

The most beautiful sunset spread across the sky while we were eating. Our view was quite distracting. I wish I could have captured it more adequately on my phone camera.

I’m not going to lie, it was exhausting to keep up on prepping and re-prepping the house. But we’re grateful that so many families made the trek to visit us because we love sharing our beautiful fall weather with visitors.

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