Preschool Turkey Day

Crew asks every single day if he can go to preschool, so it’s torture for him that he only gets to go two out of seven days each week. Every six weeks, we go on field trips instead of holding preschool at one of our houses. Right before Thanksgiving, we met up at the park for a feast and crafts.

Crew was very attached to the turkey hat he made with feathers listing the things he was grateful for.

The group of boys in our preschool co-op are so darling and easy and they get along so well.

The craft-making and feast-eating were short lived because all the boys wanted to do was play.

I had to run to the mall after preschool and Crew insisted on wearing his turkey hat.

He was certain his hat disguised him between the mannequins.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to the mall without finding Crew’s name.

He was being so hilarious with that hat and drawing all sorts of attention from strangers; it made me wish I had my big camera with me to capture it. I’m glad he found lasting joy from our Turkey Day celebration before we went the entire week of Thanksgiving with no preschool.

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  • Shawn February 1, 2017 at 8:49 am

    The hat is darling and Crew loves hats! I love the photos with the mannequin and squeezing his eyes shut while swinging.

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