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My friend and I decided to be each other’s photographers for our family Christmas cards this year instead of forking over the big bucks for professional sessions. I really only needed one shot, and after delaying for three weekends because of rain, we finally got our one shot the first weekend of December.

I edited my friend’s session right away, but aside from picking the best shot for our card, I didn’t even glance through the rest of our photos for three months. That seems to be my rate lately. I was happy to find both some sweet shots and some good bloopers when I went through them this week.


The orange grove is in our neighborhood and not only can we pick oranges any time we want, but it makes a stellar photo location.

Troy’s face perfectly expresses how we feel most of the time with our four boys.

I was simultaneously taking photos of another family during our session, so while I had my camera in my hand, I gathered my boys for some individual shots.

Troy is about as cooperative as our boys are.

It’s nice that when you procrastinate the Christmas card photo, you still have a chance at green, sunny outdoor photos in December when you live in SoCal.

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