White Christmas Eve

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We went from swimming in an outdoor pool in Vegas to a full-on blizzard when we drove six hours north to Park City, Utah. We woke up to a much different scene on Christmas Eve than we did the previous day. What a difference twenty-four hours can make.

It had been two years since we’d seen snow and after locating every piece of snow gear necessary, we headed outside first thing in the morning.

I’m sure Crew didn’t even remember what snow looked and felt like since he was only one when we moved.

His older brothers got him up to speed on the art of snowball fights.

Finn slept through the first introduction to the snow, but Nash and Blake settled right in.

We got to work building a snow fort with cousins.

We found the perfect molds for making round ice cube blocks. We all took on different jobs to construct the fort.

Crew and his cousin Sterling made the cutest duo, gathering the snow from all over the yard.

Blake packed the snow into the molds and Nash and I flipped them onto the structure and filled in gaps.

With all that teamwork we had a fort in no time at all.

While the fort was being built in the backyard, a snowman was simultaneously being constructed in the front yard. The older boys and their aunt and uncle all pitched in to build the cutest snowman I’ve ever seen.

Crew couldn’t get enough of that snowman. We went out to visit his new friend a few times throughout the day.

We were so happy we made the trek from palm trees to pine trees because there’s just something magical about a white Christmas.

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